The Tree of Ages Antiques Fair

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Tree Of Ages will be holding their antiques fairs at Robert Denholm House in Nutfield, Surrey. Further information about this prestigious venue can be found on our website here. Needless to say, this venue provides the perfect setting for such an event.


An antiques fair is a great way of bringing the interesting and diverse world of antiques to the masses. Many people enjoy collecting antiques, whether it be their hobby or their profession.


Like any industry the antiques business has changed considerably over the years – more tv shows watched by the public, the increase of the world wide web & many more trade events – are just a few examples as to why. And as such the popularity of the sector has increased. It is probable therefore, that the focus on antique items has slightly rescinded adding vintage & collectable genres to the mix. There is certainly nothing wrong with this – both of these fields are hugely popular.


Whilst the definition of “antique” refers to an object being at least one hundred years of age, the term – particularly in respect of antique fairs – has since become more widely encompassing. Dealers & antique traders are now including more contemporary pieces in their collections in an attempt to satisfy the appetite of their existing clientele, attract potential new clients to the industry & inject more interest to recover from what has been a difficult market to trade in over the last few years – as all business have unfortunately experienced.


To that end, many antique dealers & fair co-ordinators are eliminating the “dateline,” this being the date cut-off point for which an item can be considered suitable for inclusion. Provided that the trade respects our buyers & ensures that items at point of sale are correctly described, these measures will ensure that the market opens up to new customers, whilst offering established collectors new and different areas to explore across the industry.


Whether you are new to the trade, be it as a buyer or seller, or what could be described as a veteran, one thing is for sure every day that you spend in this business is an exciting & steep learning curve. Looking and touching antiques – getting to know the feel of an object – is the best way of learning the intricacies of an item & an antiques fair provides the perfect setting for opportunities to do exactly this.


As more dealers are trading by appointment, fairs have become ever more important, because, that’s where public buyers can see a full range of their stock on display so they need to capitalize at these events as much as possible. Networking, meeting potential buyers & collectors face-to-face. For any trader. keeping on top of the trade is key to their own success.


We hope that you will join us & our fellow traders as we aim to provide you with an array of fabulous items from all spheres & eras from the sector and to show our industry in a positive light. You can find much more information about this fair & others where Tree Of Ages exhibit on our website & if you require any further details please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Oh & while you are here why not take a look around our website and the fabulous items we have on offer as well.


See you at the fair!!


STALL-HOLDER ARRIVAL – 06:30 to 15:00

BUYERS ARRIVAL – 09:00 to 15:00

TICKET PRICE – £2.00 on the door. Free admission for children under 12.

PARKING – Lots of FREE parking

PETS – Dogs are allowed as long as they are well behaved and controlled on a lead.


Robert Denholm House,
Bletchingley Road,

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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Notice To Our Customers
UDPATE: 26th November 2020

Following the advice laid out by the government and WHO (World Health Organisation) to ensure yours and our safety, our fair for December 2020 has been officially cancelled.

We will be keeping you updated with upcoming fairs here on our website.

We look forward to seeing everyone once business can resume!

In the meantime our thoughts go out to all who have been affected.

Stay safe.

Tree of Ages